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1967 Corvette

Some people think the 1967 Corvette was just another carryover and others think the 1967Corvette was the best corvette ever made. Changes were modest from the previous year model where five smaller fender vents replaced the previous three larger ones and added there was a backup light above the license plate. Improvements were also made with the wheel covers. The 1967 Corvette had really cool slotted six inch rally wheels with chrome beauty nuts and rings concealed behind chrome caps. The addition of ½ inch wider wheel trims and wider tires and independent suspension helped make the 1967 Corvette handle beautifully.

The standard engine for the 1967 Corvette was a 327cid being a standard 300 horsepower. There were numerous high performance engine options that were available. You could get the 327cid with 350 horsepower.  Also, for the 1967 Corvette you could also have ordered a 427 cid between 390 and 435 horsepower. If you waited till later in the year you could get a lot more power for your 1967 Corvette if so desired. You could order an L88 engine.  That engine should have fuel of 100 octanes and required a minimum of 95 octanes or damage could occur to your engine. There was a sticker in the car noting as such.  The 1967 Corvettes with L88 engines came without emissions equipment. They were equipped with a black road-draft tube mounted on the driver’s side of the engine to partially filter gases out of the engine.  The L88 had aluminum heads and was rated at 435 hp but most people feel that was extremely underrated and was easily over 500 hp. (GM rated this engine at only 1000 rpm’s far under peak performance)  If an L88 engine was ordered GM made it mandatory that power brakes and positraction were also ordered.   There were only twenty 1967 Corvettes made with the L88 engine and are very desirable by collectors everywhere.

The 1967 Corvette was voted in 1967 road test car of the year for Car and Driver magazine.  They stated that the Sting Ray’s four-wheel disc drive was in a class of their own and up to the highest standards set abroad. From evaluating other sources and professional race car drivers their consensus of the 1967 Corvette is that is a sleek looking machine with tons of grip power and torque.

The total production for the 1967 Corvette was 8,504 for coupes and 14,436 convertibles. The standard pricing for the 1967 Corvette was $4,141.00 for the coupe and $4,353.00 for the convertibles. Today on EBay there were around 30 1967 Corvettes listed of which all were selling for over the original new cost back in 1967 but none of them had the L88 engine. The 1967 Corvette was the end of an era with a model change in 1968 and safety and smog restrictions that affected all high performance cars. However, the handling of the car, its sporty sleek design and high performance made the 1967 Corvette one of the best corvettes ever made.   



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