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Corvettes are a sports car lover's dream. If you are looking for a used corvette here are some tips that will help you when purchasing a used Chevrolet Corvette.

1. Examine the used Corvette as thoroughly as possible. Look over the car for scratches and dimples that may be covering up a paint job from an accident. Check under the car for rust areas.

2. Take a look under the hood to see how clean the engine is and to get an idea of the overall condition. You can also check the fluid levels and colors in the car.

3. Check to see if your state has a lemon law before your purchase a used corvette. Most states don't but it allows you to have your used car purchased checked out after you buy.

4. Check out the price in the Kelley Blue Book to make sure the price you are paying is fair when compared to the value that the Kelley Blue Book places on it.

5. Run a vehicle history report before you buy a used car. It will let you know everything about your car including wether it was in an accident.

6. Ask the seller as many questions as possible about the car. Include such questions as to why the seller is selling the car and basic questions about service and repair.

7. Test drive the car before purchase.

8. Make sure the VIN Number is on the car and has not been altered.

9. Make sure everything the seller says about the car is in writing and signed by the seller.

10. Never take the car without having the title in hand after paying the money.



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